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BleachBright Cosmetic Teeth Whitening in 15 Minutes!
"Tooth Whitening at the speed of light."
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BleachBright teeth whitening event in Hampstead, Maryland Click here
Get ready for High School Prom, Mother's Day, Graduation, Wedding, Vacation, or any occasion.









BleachBright provides teeth whitening events in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., and Northern Virginia.  Book your BleachBright teeth whitening event today!

Now you can have a beautiful smile with bright white teeth at a price much less than what you would pay at your dentist.  Your smile is the first thing that people notice.  Our new teeth whitening cosmetic treatment will make your smile noticeably whiter and brighter in only 15 minutes.

 BleachBright Teeth Whitening Products

  Night Bright LED Teeth Whitening System by BleachBright

Keep Bright Teeth Whitening Pen by BleachBright

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BleachBright is a self administered treatment utilizing the latest UV blue light whitening technology. Studies have confirmed that heat and light represent the main catalysts for the whitening process.  With our treatment your smile will be noticeably whiter in just 15 minutes.  It's effective, safe and affordable!  Why pay hundreds of dollars when you can get BleachBright professional teeth whitening service for our special introductory price of just $119!

BleachBright is now available to provide services throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., and Northern Virginia.  We offer on-site service at fitness centers, salons, day spas, bridal shows, malls, home and garden shows, conventions, trade shows, hotels, teeth whitening parties and many other events.  Contact us to schedule your teeth whitening party, fundraiser, or special event.  Find out how you can get paid to host a BleachBright tooth whitening event and get a FREE teeth whitening session.

The BleachBright Teeth Whitening system is similar to over-the-counter products but the difference is you'll use our LED light to expedite the bleaching and whitening process.  With BleachBright you won't have any irritation, no bleeding, no burning and no pain.  We use a patented bleaching mouthpiece, a clinically proven whitening gel formula, and our LED light activator provides a safe wavelength without heat generation.  No retractors or dams and no saliva drips.  A professional tooth bleaching technician will help guide you throughout the 15 minute treatment.

With BleachBright, you will be offered outstanding service and results at a fraction of the cost.

With BleachBright you will experience no irritation, no bleeding, no burning, just a white smile at the speed of light. You will be offered a service measurable to the professional tooth whitening industry at a fraction of the cost. Pharmaceutical grade whitening gel and professional tooth bleaching technicians will be at your disposal.

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1 Hour + Home Treatment

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